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Do Your Bylaws Make Obtaining Waivers Of Notice More Onerous?

Yesterday’s post concerned waivers of notice of shareholders’ meetings under Section 602 of the California Corporations Code.  Although not required to do so, corporate bylaws often parrot the statute.  One popular guidebook, for example, includes the following sample language concerning waivers of notice: The transactions of any meeting of shareholders, either annual or special, however…

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Why Your Shareholder Meeting Waivers Of Notice May Not Be Up To Snuff

Like other states, California generally requires that whenever shareholders are required or permitted to take action at a meeting, notice of that meeting must be given to the shareholders entitled to vote.  Cal. Corp. Code § 601(a)  However, if notice isn’t given as required, all may not be lost.  Section 601(e) of the Corporations Code provides…

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