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A Subsidiary Post

Not too long ago, I wrote about the Securities and Exchange Commission’s confusing classification of subsidiaries.  See The Case Of The Wholly Owned, But Not Totally Held, Subsidiary That May Or May Not Be 100% Owned.  Since this blog is concerned primarily with California corporate and securities laws, I would be remiss in not adding a…

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Calling All Stock Certificates

Last week, Broc Romanek’s Mentor Blog addressed the question of what to do about outstanding stock certificates following a reverse stock split.  Today, I’ll weigh in with a California perspective. Section 422 of the California Corporations Code invests a corporation’s board of directors the authority to order any holders of outstanding share certificates to surrender and exchange them for…

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When A Director May Not Be Interested In Director Compensation

Suppose that a corporation has three directors, A, B & C, each of whom is compensated by the corporation.  Is director A financially interested in a resolution fixing the compensation of director B?  Corporations Section 310(a) provides the following answer: A director is not interested within the meaning of this subdivision in a resolution fixing the…

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Directors’ Alleged Breach Of Fiduciary Duty Not Subject To Anti-SLAPP Statute

A SLAPP is a strategic lawsuit against public participation.  California enacted Code of Civil Procedure Section 425.16 as an antidote to SLAPP suits.  In general, a SLAPP is subject to a special motion to strike unless the court finds that the plaintiff has established that there is a probability that the plaintiff will prevail on the…

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A Friday Video And Former Board Member Sues CalPERS

We all have a sense of how voting should work. Voting, however, is a very complicated subject and one in which errors are frequently made. Companies may incorrectly describe the vote required, misstate the effects of broker non-votes, or incorrectly tally the votes received. On November 4, I’ll be participating in a panel discussion of…

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