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Phishing Scam Uses California Victims of Corporate Fraud Compensation Fund As Lure

Earlier this month, the California Secretary of State warned of yet another phishing scam.  Criminals typically phish by associating themselves with legitimate businesses.  Their goal is to obtain personal information that can be used to steal your identity. This particular scam mentions the California Victims of Corporate Fraud Compensation Fund, a real fund that is administered…

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Does The Victims Of Corporate Fraud Compensation Fund Deny Due Process?

In notorious defiance of the California Constitution, the legislature in 2002 established the Victims of Corporate Fraud Compensation Fund.  See Victims of Corporate Fraud.  The purpose of the fund is to provide “restitution to the victims of a corporate fraud”. Several years later, Sacramento Bee reporter Dan Morain wrote a devastating article on the fund: Fraud Victims Fund…

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