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“Tandy Letter” Requests – RIP

Broc Romanek reported yesterday that the staff of the Securities and Exchange Commission will no longer require “Tandy Letter” disclaimers in responses to staff comments.   Among other things, the Tandy Letter policy required a company to state affirmatively that it would not raise the SEC review process and acceleration of effectiveness as a defense in any legal proceeding. …

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Unilateral Disarmament, The Prisoners’ Dilemma And SEC Staff Comment Letters

In an arms race, each suffers the worst result if it disarms and the other side remains armed.  However, if both sides are armed, they are not as well off as when both sides are disarmed.  This is, of course, the classic “Prisoners’ Dilemma” game (see table below). Much the same logic applies to the SEC’s insistence…

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Is Forced Speech In Responding To Staff Comment Letters Inaccurate Speech?

In 2014, the Securities and Exchange Commission announced that all comment letters would request that the issuer include the so-called “Tandy Letter”.  Thus, all staff comment letters include a request for a written statement in haec verba: The company is responsible for the adequacy and accuracy of the disclosure in the filing; Staff comments or…

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