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California Enacts Change-in-Control Benefits For Grocery Workers

Last week, Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 359 (Gonzalez) that will impose a worker retention requirement when there has been a change in ownership or control of grocery establishments.  In general, the bill will require the successor grocery employer to retain eligible grocery workers for a 90-day period.  After that period expires, the successor grocery employer will…

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Court Holds Promoters May Owe Fiduciary Duties To Non-Shareholder Investors And A Lamentable Example Of Notice

Yesterday, the California Court of Appeal issued an opinion addressing two important questions involving the liability of corporations and promoters  Cleveland v. Johnson, Cal. Ct. of Appeal Case No. B233762 (Oct. 11, 2012).  The facts of the case are somewhat complicated, but can be distilled to the following elements.  The plaintiffs invested money in a proposed…

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