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Why The Location Of The Principal Executive Office Matters

The California General Corporation Law does not require that a California corporation have a principal executive office located in California.  In fact, Section 177 explicitly contemplates that a corporation’s PEO may be located elsewhere or that the corporation may have no PEO at all.  The location of the PEO is not without significance, however.  Numerous…

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The DBO Wants Your Social Security Number, But Is It Legal?

Readers will recall that last year the California legislature created a statutory exemption for finders from the California’s registration requirement for broker-dealers (Chap. 743, Stats. 2015).  That exemption, codified at Corporations Code Section 25206.1, requires persons relying on the exemption to file a statement of information with the Department before engaging in activities described in the…

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Secretary Of State Proposes Rule Changes / AB 657 Set For First Hearing

Regulations Proposed Pursuant to Corporations Code § 1502, every corporation organized under the California General Corporation Law must file a Statement of Information with the Secretary of State within 90 days after filing of its initial Articles of Incorporation. Thereafter, the corporation must file a Statement of Information during the “applicable filing period”.  The “applicable…

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