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Nevada Seizes Delaware’s Business Entity Formation Crown

Delaware has long dominated the market for incorporations.  Thus, I was surprised to see University of Nevada Law Professor Eric H. Franklin write that Nevada enjoys a 4 to 1 advantage over Delaware in corporate formations.  If this seems inexplicable, there is an explanation.  Delaware accounts for three times as many business formations as Nevada.…

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Nevada Secretary Of State Denies Hacking Claim

Recently, Cytta Corp., a small Nevada corporation, filed this Form 8-K reporting that it had “discovered that it was the victim of an online hacking incident on October 30th, 2014 in that, unauthorized person or persons accessed the Nevada Secretary of State Corporate filing system known as ‘Silverflume’ and surreptitiously altered the Officer and Director information…

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Nevada’s New Business Portal Collects $100 Million In State Revenue

A little over a year ago, I wrote about the Nevada Secretary of State’s launch of Silverflume.  This innovative internet website aims to be a “one stop” portal that consolidates and coordinates the information needed to start a business.  Silverflume asks a series of questions about the type of entity desired, what it will do, where…

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Delaware Embraces General Solicitation

Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller has been a tireless promoter of Nevada’s private corporation law.  Over a year ago, he announced an on-line business entity search tool for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users.  See Business Entity Search Now Available On Your iPhone And iPad.  A few months later, Secretary Miller announced an innovative business-to-government…

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NV SOS Introduces Sleek New B2G Solution

Even if you don’t make business filings in Nevada, I encourage you to check out the Nevada Secretary of State’s business portal – SilverFlume.  This is a truly innovative site with a high degree of cross-agency integration.  SilverFlume has many features that I have not seen on any other Secretary of State’s website (if your state offers anything…

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