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LLC Bound By Agreement Signed By Manager’s Manager

Justice Kenneth R. Yegan clearly and concisely frames the question in Western Surety Co. v. La Cumbre Office Partners, LLC, 2017 Cal. App. LEXIS 77 (2017): ” natural person is the managing member of a limited liability company (LLC 1) that is the sole manager of another limited liability company (LLC 2). The person signs an…

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Donald Trump’s Contribution To Nevada Corporate Law (And My Book)

A signature block in a contract seems like a small thing, but sometimes it can lead to litigation.  When an officer signs a contract, is he signing solely as agent for the corporation or might he also be signing in his individual capacity?  In 1993, future presidential candidate Donald J. Trump faced just that question…

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Court Of Appeal Upholds Unsigned Stock Option Agreement

In an opinion handed down yesterday, the Fourth District Court of Appeal upheld an “oral” stock option agreement.  Maughan v. Correia, Cal. Ct. of Appeal Case No. D058957 (Oct. 24, 2012).  The case arose from a fight between a brother and sister over ownership in a family run corporation.  The sister had sued her brother to enforce…

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