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Movie Production Loans Result In 27-Year Stay At The Greybar Hotel

In 2007, the Department of Corporations issued this Desist & Refrain Order against Mahmoud Karkehabadi and others for violations of the Corporate Securities Law of 1968.  The Department also made a criminal referall to the California Attorney General’s office.  In 2010, the Attorney General filed this felony complaint charging Mr. Karkehabadi with, among other things, the unqualified…

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Facebook Fairness Hearing Back In The News

Last August, the Department of Corporations approved the acquisition of Instagram, Inc. by Facebook, Inc. following a fairness hearing.  See DOC Calls It Fair.  According to this Los Angeles Times story by Salvador Rodriguez, Facebook officially closed the acquisition a few days later.  Although I would have expected that to have been the end of the matter, the…

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