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Replacement Of Lost Stock Certificate Is Not An Internal Affair, But So What?

U.S. District Court Judge Edward M. Chen recently ruled that a stockholder could maintain an action under California Corporations Code Section 419 for replacement of a lost, stolen or destroyed certificate.  As just described, the ruling shouldn’t be a surprise.  Section 419 provides that if “a corporation refuses to issue a new share certificate or other certificate in…

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Want A Fairness Hearing But Paying In Cash – No Problem?

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned California Corporations Code Section 1001(d).  That statute imposes a super-majority shareholder approval requirement for sale of assets transactions covered by Section 1001(a) when the acquiring entity is in “control” of or under common control with the corporation disposing of the assets.  The vote required is 90% of the voting power of the disposing corporation.  “Control”…

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