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Why Nevada Is A More Reliable Alternative To Delaware

Directors and officers cannot always base their decisions on first-hand information.  As a practical matter, they must receive and act based on information and opinions of others. The question then becomes whether a director’s or officer’s decision will be protected when it was made in reliance upon others.  Section 141(e) of the Delaware General Corporation…

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This Proposed Amendment To DGCL Section 141(f) Is A Curate’s Egg

In AGR Halifax Fund, Inc. v. Fiscina, 743 A.2d 1188 (1999), the Delaware Court of Chancery was asked to decide whether a consent given by persons before they became directors could become effective if delivered to the corporation after they became directors.  The court said “no”.  See “Tis Well Consented” Vel Non.  Now, the Corporation…

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