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Bank Group Seeks Depublication Of Bank Libel Opinion

In this post, I wrote about a recent decision by the First District Court of Appeal declaring Financial Code Section 1327 unconstitutional on its face.  Summit Bank v. Rogers, 2012 Cal. App. LEXIS 633 (May 29, 2012).  That statute generally makes it illegal to make derogatory comments about a bank.  In this 2010 post, I had…

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Court Declares Bank Trash Talk Statute Facially Unconstitutional

In my October 2010 post “Don’t Talk Trash About A California Bank“, I discussed Financial Code Section 756 (subsequently reenacted verbatim as Section 1327).  That statute generally criminalizes spreading false rumors about a bank.  In my post, I speculated on whether the statute was constitutional: Moreover, it seems that prosecution would invite a claim that…

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