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Hacking EDGAR And Insider Trading

SEC Chairman Jay Clayton launched a sea of news stories last week when he included the following five sentence in a statement on cybersecurity: Notwithstanding our efforts to protect our systems and manage cybersecurity risk, in certain cases cyber threat actors have managed to access or misuse our systems.  In August 2017, the Commission learned…

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Section 10(b) Claim Receives a Do-Wacko-Do

So many Section 10(b) claims involve claims of misrepresentation that it easy to forget that the rule also makes it unlawful to use manipulative devices in connection with the purchase or sale of securities.  However, a recent ruling by Judge Margaret M. Morrow considered whether a plaintiff had adequately pled a claim of manipulative conduct in…

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Supreme Court Weighs Opening The Janus Gate of Secondary Liability

The Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Janus Capital Group, Inc. v. First Derivatives Traders on Tuesday.  You can read the transcript here.  The SCOTUSblog posts transcripts of oral arguments.  If you are not up to reading the entire transcript, Jim Hamilton’s World of Securities Regulation posted this summary.  Mark Perry, on behalf of the…

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