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LLCs May Have An Occupation But Usually Not A Profession

California requires a permit, license or registration to engage in a wide variety of activities.  The CalGOLD (California Government On-line to Desktops) website allows you to search 147 different business types that require some form of permit, license or registration.  The site lists everything from Acupuncture to Wrecking and Demolition Contractor.  When the legislature enacted the…

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LLC Contractor Licensing – “We’re Not Even Talking About That.”

I’ve welcomed the enactment of SB 392 (Florez) which authorizes the Contractors’ State License Board to issue contractor’s licenses to limited liability companies.  Potential LLC licensees should note, however, that SB 392 imposes significant surety bond and liability insurance requirements on LLC’s.  Because SB 392 takes effect in a few weeks, I called the CSLB to ask…

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LLC Contractor Bill Sent to Governor

On September 16, I wrote that SB 392 (Florez) had been “held at desk” pursuant to Joint Rule 57.  SB 392 would allow an LLC to be licensed as a contractor.   Cal. Const. Art. IV, § 10(b)(2) provides that any bill passed before September 1 (SB 392 was passed on August 30) and in the possession…

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LLC Contractor Bill Is Held At Desk

On September 3, 2010, I wrote that SB 392 (Florez) had made it to enrollment.  This bill authorizes the State Contractors’ License Board to issue a contractor’s license to a limited liability company.  Normally, a bill is sent to the Governor after enrollment.  Cal. Const. Art. IV, § 10(a) (“Each bill passed by the Legislature shall…

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