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Does Placing Non-GAAP Financial Measures First Violate The Law?

Yesterday’s post discussed the SEC staff’s recently announced position that Item 10(e)(1)(A) of Regulation S-K requires that issuers disclose comparable GAAP financial measures before non-GAAP financial measures. Item 10(e)(1)(A) requires only that issuers afford GAAP financial measures “equal or greater prominence” as non-GAAP measures.  What then is the legal significance of the staff’s position that GAAP…

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Will California Public Pension Systems Go Underground In Implementing New Disclosure Law?

Writing in the Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation, Catherine Skulan and  Raj Marphatia provide an interesting overview of California’s recently enacted alternative investment vehicle fee disclosure law, AB 2833.  This law requires public pension and retirement systems to require alternative investment vehicles, as defined, to make specified disclosures regarding fees, expenses, and…

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Just What Does CalPERS Believe Anyway?

On Monday, CalPERS announced that its Board of Administration had adopted 10 “investment beliefs”.  According to the press release, these beliefs are intended to provide “a basis for strategic management of the investment portfolio, inform organizational priorities and ensure alignment between the Investment Office and CalPERS staff”.  Here are the 10 beliefs: Liabilities must influence…

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