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SEC Staff Declares Performance History Is Not Factual

The Securities and Exchange Commission staff recently issued a series of additional Compliance and Disclosure Interpretations with respect to what might constitute a “general solicitation” under Regulation D.  These interpretations illustrate the logical contortions that must be endured when trying to regulate speech.  After admitting that an issuer may disseminate factual information about itself, the…

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Why The SEC’s Pre-Existing Relationship Test Is The Mirror Image of California’s

One significant condition to California’s limited offering exemption is that all purchasers have a “pre-existing relationship”: All purchasers either have a preexisting personal or business relationship with the offeror or any of its partners, officers, directors or controlling persons, or managers (as appointed or elected by the members) if the offeror is a limited liability…

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Private Placements And The Internet

Many securities lawyers are familiar with the SEC staff’s position in the IPONET no-action letter (July 26, 1996).  That letter is frequently referred to in discussions on how to conduct a private placement on the Internet without violating the prohibition on general solicitation or general advertising found in Rule 502(c). What may be less well…

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