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SEC Condemns Breach Of Client Confidences While Offering Possible Bounties For Breaches

Yesterday, the Securities and Exchange Commission announced that it had “charged a California-based attorney and his wife with insider trading on confidential information obtained from a corporate client.”  According to the SEC’s complaint, the attorney had tipped material non-public information concerning a client, Spectrum Pharmaceuticals, Inc., to his spouse.  According to the SEC’s complaint, the attorney…

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Defining “Qualified Client” – Uff Da!

Corporations Code Section 25234 generally prohibits an investment adviser registered in California to be compensated on the basis of a share of capital gains.  This prohibition is analogous to the prohibition found in Section 205(a)(1) of the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 (IAA).  Congress included this prohibition because it was believed that performance fees might induce…

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