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California Creates Complete Chaos By Rewriting Anti-Fraud Statute, But “We Are Against Fraud Aren’t We?”

In my very limited encounters with the late Harold Marsh Jr., I recall that he didn’t readily embrace proposed “fixes” to the Corporations Code.  As I too get older, I’ve come to appreciate his perspective.  For example, Governor Brown just signed SB 538 (Hill), a bill that fundamentally changes California’s securities fraud statute. Among other…

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The California Taxpayer and Shareholder Protection Act of 2003

Ten years ago, there was concern about so-called “expatriate corporations”.  These were corporations that incorporated in foreign jurisdictions to minimize their tax liability.  In reaction to this phenomenon, the legislature added The California Taxpayer and Shareholder Protection Act of 2003 to the Public Contract Code.  2003 Cal. Stats. ch. 657.  In general, this act prohibits a…

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California Bill Would Expand Liability For Securities Fraud, Impose New Fees, Expand Commissioner’s Powers

In late February, Senator Jerry Hill introduced a bill, SB 538, to substantially amend the Franchise Investment Law.  A few days later, the bill was read for the first time and set for hearing by the Senate Banking and Financial Institutions Committee on April 3.  Then something very fishy happened.   Two days before the hearing, Senator…

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