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DOC Finds A Reorganization Can Include A Rehabilitation

Until last year, Ambac Assurance, a Wisconsin domiciled insurer, was one of the largest monoline insurers in the world.  Originally it insured low-risk, public finance bonds.  However, in the 1990s it started to offer financial guarantee insurance on residential mortgage backed securities and collateralized debt obligations of asset-backed securities.  Not surprisingly, Ambac was a casualty of the…

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Form D or 25102(f) Notice?

Issuers relying on Rule 506 of Regulation D under the Securities Act of 1933 have the benefit of federal preemption of California’s (and other states’) qualification requirement by virtue of Section 18(b)(4)(D) of that act.  Although no state law change was required to effect this preemption, the California legislature acknowledged reality by enacting Section 25102.1 of the…

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