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Attorney General Opines On Lay Representation At Administrative Hearings

Over three years ago, I wrote that California’s Office of Administrative Hearings had requested the California Attorney General provide an opinion answering the following question: Does the Administrative Procedure Act (Gov. Code, §§ 11340-11529) authorize a party to a proceeding conducted by the Office of Administrative Hearings to be represented by a person who is not…

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Did The Harvard Shareholder Rights Project Prove Itself Wrong?

In December 2014, Stanford Law School Professor Joseph A. Grundfest and Daniel M. Gallagher incited an academic titanomachy when they released a draft of an academic paper provocatively entitled “Did Harvard Violate Federal Securities Law?  The Campaign Against Classified Boards of Directors“.  In this case, “Harvard” was the Harvard Shareholder Rights Project which described itself as “a clinical program operating at…

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