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Getting To The Point On Director Elections

Last week in The Mentor Blog, Broc Romanek mentioned a blog posting of mine from September 2015: Was This Director Duly Elected Or Appointed?  My post was concerned Intelligent Digital Systems, LLC v. Beazley Ins. Co., Inc., 2015 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 82742 (June 23, 2015).  Briefly, an insurer claimed that the director had been duly elected or appointed and this triggered a…

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Failure To Determine Board Meeting Formalities Leads To Six Figure Court Sanctions Against Attorney

The fundamentals of corporate action can seem about as interesting as flossing.  Yet, the failure to attend to either is likely to result in unpleasant consequences as one lawyer recently discovered in Winterton v. Humitech of No. Cal., LLC, 2011 Bankr. LEXIS 4164 (9th Cir. BAP 2011).  The case began with a lawsuit in California. …

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