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9th Circuit Holds Subsidiary Could Be The General Manager Of Its Parent

Section 2110 of the California Corporations Code governs service of process on a foreign corporation.  One means of valid service under the statute is by delivering process by hand to the corporation’s general manager in California.  The California General Corporation Law, however does not define “general manager”.  In Miller v. The Public Warehousing Company KSC…

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Why The WSJ Is Wrong About SEC Rulemaking On Claw backs

As noted by Broc Romanek, The Wall Street Journal yesterday announced: The Securities and Exchange Commission will soon propose long-awaited rules forcing companies to claw back, or revoke, some of their top officials’ incentive pay if they have to restate the financial results that led to it, according to people familiar with the agency’s internal…

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A Win for Queequeg: The Ninth Circuit Holds that Tattooing is Constitutionally Protected

Occasionally, I can’t resist the temptation to digress into other legal areas.  Today’s opinion by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in Anderson v. City of Hermosa Beach  (Case No. 08-56914, Sept. 9, 2010) is one of these irresistable tempations.  That case involved a challenge to a city’s ban on tattoo parlors.  No, the city didn’t ban tattoos, just…

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