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Want To File A Derivative Suit? You May Soon Be Required To Read Statutes

I have been writing recently about SB 203, a bill that is now pending in the Nevada legislature.  As introduced, the bill would, among other things, require the following: In an action involving or relating to a domestic corporation that is subject to the provisions of NRS 41.520 or alleges a breach of a fiduciary duty by a director…

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Happy New Biennium!

“Biennial” is a confusing word.  The Nevada legislature meets biennially, i.e., every other year while the California legislative session is biennial, i.e., lasting two years. “Biennial” should not be confused with “biannual” which normally means twice a year. The California legislature meets annually but the legislative session is biennial.  Last Monday, for example, the California legislature convened for the…

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Nevada Enacts Changes To Business Records and Notice Requirements

Apparently, the State of Nevada takes seriously Judge Gideon J. Tucker’s observation that “no man’s life, liberty, or property are safe while the legislature is in session.” 1 Tucker (N.Y. Surr.) 249 (1866) quoted in Lucas v. Mercantile-Safe Deposit & Trust Co., 29 Md. App. 633, 644 (Md. App. 1975).   You can read more about…

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