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Is FDIC v. Van Dellen California’s Smith v. Van Gorkom?

Last Friday, the jury in FDIC v. Van Dellen (C.D. Cal. Case No. CV 10-4915 DSF (SHx)) returned a verdict totalling nearly $169 million against three former officers of the home builder division of IndyMac Bank, F.S.B.  The Office of Thrift Supervision closed the bank in 2008.  As the receiver for the bank, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation filed…

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California Court Distinguishes Delaware’s VantagePoint Opinion

Typically, corporate bylaws provide that officers serve at the pleasure of the Board of Directors and any officer may be removed, either with or without cause, by the Board of Directors.  This right of removal is consonant with the notion that an officer’s relationship with the corporation is the subject of corporate law.  However, another body of law…

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