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Ninth Circuit Holds Attorney’s Statement Was “Made”, Not Attributed

Readers familiar with the Nicene Creed will instantly recognize the phrase “begotten, not made”.  I won’t wade into the theological meaning of this phrase, but I cite it as an example of the importance that can be attached to the seemingly simple concept of making.  Under Rule 10b-5, it is unlawful for “any person, directly or indirectly, .…

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Commissioner Gallagher Posits SEC Would Prevail Against Harvard University

Just this week, Commissioner Daniel M. Gallagher and former Commissioner Joseph A. Grundfest issued a draft of a paper that takes on the Harvard Shareholder Rights Project.  The Harvard SRP describes itself as “a clinical program operating at Harvard Law School and directed by Professor Lucian Bebchuk.”  From 2012 through 2014, the Harvard SRP focused on proposing…

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Supreme Court Set To Decide Arian Controversy In Janus

The U.S. Supreme Court has scheduled oral arguments in Janus Capital Group, Inc.v. First Derivative Traders for December 7, 2010.  The case concerns whether: (1) a service provider can be held primarily liable for participating in an issuer’s misstatements; and (2) whether a service provide can be held primarily liable for statements not directly and…

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