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When It Comes To Director Compensation, California Is Not Delaware

Yesterday, I wrote about my disagreements with the approach to director compensation adopted by the Delaware Court of Chancery in Calma v. Templeton, 114 A.3d 563 (Del. Ch. 2015) and Seinfeld v. Slager, 2012 Del. Ch. LEXIS 139 (June 29, 2012).  In both cases, the Court ruled that the rigorous “entire fairness” standard of review applies to director’s who receive grants…

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Section 307 – No More Sunset

Some readers may have noticed that there are currently two Section 307s in the Corporations Code.  One version of Section 307 provides in subdivision (d) that it remains in effect only until January 1, 2011.  This is commonly referred to as a “sunset provision”.   Subdivision (d) of the other Section 307 provides that it…

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