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California Bill May Spur Rewriting Gender Boilerplate

On the penultimate day of the current session, the California legislature passed SB 179 (Atkins & Wiener).  If signed into law by Governor Brown, this bill would enact the California Gender Recognition Act.  In general, SB 179 would create a third, nonbinary gender option on a California driver’s license, identification card, and birth certificate.  It also would…

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Grammatical Gender And The General Corporation Law

Many, but not all languages, employ grammatical gender.  Anyone who has studied Spanish or German will know that grammatical gender is essential and can be unrelated to biological sex.  For example, el vestido is a masculine noun even though it denotes an article of clothing historically worn by women.  I still recall my High School Latin teacher explaining that even though a Roman legion was comprised of thousands of…

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