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Court Of Appeal Voids Jury Trial Waiver Notwithstanding New York Choice of Law

A New York state of mind, but California dreaming A sophisticated lender and borrower negotiate a loan agreement in New York, the lender disburses the loan proceeds in New York, and both parties agree that New York law governs.  This choice-of-law is memorialized in bold face type and capital letters in the loan agreement.  In…

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No Right To Jury Trial: Appellate Court Upholds Binding Mediation Agreement

The California Constitution (Art. I, § 16) guarantees an “inviolate” right to a “trial by jury”.  In a civil case, the right to a jury may be waived by “the consent of the parties expressed as prescribed by statute”.  Id.  The California legislature has prescribed five different ways in which a jury trial in a civil case may…

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