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The Right To Dissent And Fractional Shares

I’ve devoted several posts to how California’s General Corporation Law deals with fractional shares.  Nevada’s approach to fractional shares is somewhat different.  For example, Nevada permits rounding up to a full share in all cases.  NRS 78.205(2)(b).  However, if a Nevada corporation elects to cash out or issue scrip for fractional shares, the stockholders may…

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Fractions And Squeeze Outs

The last two posts have discussed what a corporation may do with fractions of shares.  I entitled the first of these posts “Breaking Up Is Not Hard To Do – Fractions, Scrip And Scrippage” in partial reference to the song by Neil Sedaka and Howard Greenfield.  The title was also a reference to the etymological…

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I Deliver Some Round Observations About California’s Rounding Rule

Yesterday’s post concerned various actions that a California corporation may pursue in lieu of issuing fractional shares.  I left for today the subject of rounding.  Section 407 of the Corporations Code expressly permits rounding to the nearest whole share if the fraction of a share that any person would otherwise be entitled to receive is less than .005…

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Breaking Up Is Not Hard To Do – Fractions, Scrip And Scrippage

The California General Corporation Law explicitly authorizes a corporation to issue fractional shares.  Cal. Corp. Code § 407.  A corporation, however, is not required to do so.  Id.  In lieu of issuing fractions, a corporation may in connection with the original issuance: arrange for the disposition of fractional interests by those entitled to receive them;…

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