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California Judge Honors Delaware Forum Selection Bylaw

In May, I wrote about Judge Peter H. Kirwan’s ruling in Drulias v. 1st Century Bancshares, Inc., (Cal. Super. Ct. Case No. 16-CV-294673, Nov. 18, 2016).  As readers may recall, Judge Kirwan declined to approve a disclosure only settlement based on In re Trulia, Inc. Stockholder Litig., 129 A.3d 884 (Del. Ch. Jan. 22, 2016).  Recently, Judge Brian C. Walsh…

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California Is Ground Zero For Forum Selection

In a forthcoming paper to be published in the Delaware Journal of Corporate Law, former SEC Commissioner Joseph A. Grundfest concludes that the forum selection is a peculiarly California-Delaware pas de deux: The largest percentage of publicly traded entities with intra-corporate forum selection provisions, 31.6% of the sample (42 of 133), are headquartered in California, and all…

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