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Must A Broker-Dealer Be Licensed As A Personal Property Broker?

Is your California securities broker-dealer a licensed personal property broker?  Does it need to have such a license to make loans to its customers?  Anyone reading California Corporations Code Section 25217(c) would conclude that it must:  A broker-dealer licensed under this chapter making loans to its customers which are subject to the provisions of Division…

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California Proposes To End Bylaw Amendment Reviews

Credit Unions got their start in Nineteenth Century Germany.  In 1909, Roman Catholic textile workers opened the first credit union in the United States, St. Mary’s Cooperative Credit Association (later, renamed La Caisse Populaire Ste.-Marie).  At first, the credit union operated out of the home of its first president, Joseph Boivin.  Today, that building is the site of America’s Credit Union Museum. …

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Consumer Loan, Commercial Loan or Neither?

The California Finance Lenders Law imposes a licensing requirement on persons engaged in the business of a finance lender.  Cal. Fin. Code § 22100(a).  Chapter 2 of the CFLL imposes a host of requirements on “consumer loans” and Chapter 3 imposes a few requirements on “commercial loans”.  Thus, it is important for a finance lender…

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Bill Introduced To Require Registration Of Finders Under The California Finance Lenders Law

The California Finance Lenders Law, Financial Code § 22000 et seq., currently requires licensing of finance lenders and brokers.  A finance lender is defined as any person who is engaged in the business of making consumer loans or making commercial loans. Cal. Fin. Code § 22009.  The business of making consumer loans or commercial loans may include…

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