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What, If Anything, Is The Attorney General’s Office Hiding?

In January, I decided to update an earlier post regarding the number of calls made to the California Attorney General’s hotline mandated by Labor Code Section 1102.7.  A few years earlier, I had published these data for the years from 2004 to 2010.  Much to my amazement, the Attorney General’s office declared the more recent…

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I understand Chair, Chairperson, Chairman and Chairwoman But Not Chairwomen of the Board

In February, I posted this little rumination on the origin of the term “chairman”.  Then I came across SB 351 introduced late last month by the California Senate Committee on Banking and Financial Institutions.  Currently, Sections 5213, 7213 and 9213 of the California Corporations Code each provides that a corporation must have “a chair of the…

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