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Department Of Business Oversight Proposes Changes To Proposed Finders Rule

Last July, the California Department of Business Oversight proposed regulations to implement the provisions of AB 667 (Wagner).  The bill, which was enacted in 2015 and took effect last year, created a new exemption from the broker-dealer requirements for finders, or individuals who, for compensation, introduce potential investors and issuers of securities to each other.  The proposed regulations, among other…

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Did Ethiopian Electric Power Violate California’s Corporate Securities Law?

Last week, the Securities and Exchange Commission announced a $6.5 million settlement with Ethiopian Electric Power, which was described in the SEC’s order as “a government-owned power utility headquartered in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia”.  According to the order, Ethiopian Electric Power offered and sold bonds to U.S. residents of Ethiopian origin in Washington D.C. and other…

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California DBO Proposes Finders Exemption Regulations

Last fall, California enacted a finders exemption to the broker-dealer registration requirement under the Corporate Securities Law of 1968.  See Governor Signs Finders Exemption Bill.  This new exemption took effect on January 1, 2016 isn’t exactly taken the state by storm.  See California Finders Exemption Has Yet To Catch On.  Last month, the Commissioner of Business…

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Nevada Supreme Court Opines On Scope Of Debtor’s Exemption For Stock

NRS 78.746 provides that, with several qualifications, the exclusive remedy of judgment creditors with respect to the stock in a relatively closely held corporation is to charge a stockholder’s shares.  To the extent so charged, the creditor only has the rights of an assignee of the shares.  This means that a judgment creditor has rights…

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Bill Targets Real Estate Industry And Borrowers

Last June, reporters Charles Piller and Robert Lewis wrote this story about “hard-money” lending abuses in Nevada County.  One might expect that they were writing about high interest rates and harsh loan terms.  It turns out that the victims in the story were not borrowers, but people who loaned money to hard-money lenders to fund the hard…

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ICC – Requiescat in Pacem

The Interstate Commerce Commission was created in 1887 when Grover Cleveland was president.  Over the years, Congress greatly expanded the ICC’s authority.  At one time, the ICC had thousands of employees.  In 1995, President Clinton signed legislation abolishing the ICC and it has disappeared from the regulatory scene.  Strangely, however, the ICC lives on in…

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