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State Controller Defeats Judgment Creditor’s Claim To Escheated Funds

Here is the question: Can a judgment creditor can enforce an assignment issued pursuant to the Enforcement of Judgments Law (CCP § 680.10 et seq.) for escheated property pursuant to the Unclaimed Property Law (CCP § 1500 et seq.) when the judgment debtor is a suspended corporation pursuant to the Revenue & Taxation Code §…

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What If The Police Received A Bonus For Every Ticket They Wrote?

I’ve been attending (and speaking as a panelist at) the National Association of Stock Plan Professionals (NASPP).  One of the panels discussed the important, but arcane topic of state unclaimed property (aka escheat) laws.  Coincidentally, Volume 5, Issue #3 of the California Controller’s Unclaimed Property Newsletter arrived in my inbox this same week. California’s unclaimed…

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