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Will The Bureau Of Real Estate Get A Promotion?

 “Not since Clytemnestra and Agamemnon has there been such a mismatch.” Almost five years ago, I decried the demotion and relocation of the Department of Real Estate: Although the DRE issues professional licenses, it is fundamentally a business regulatory department that regulates an industry with an enormous impact on California’s economy.  The activities of its…

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Will Demoting the DFI, DOC and DRE Matter?

The Governor’s Reorganization Plan would demote the Department of Corporations and the Department of Financial Institutions to the status of divisions within the new Department of Business Oversight.  The new DBO would report to a new Business and Consumer Services Agency.  The Department of Real Estate will be downgraded to a bureau and join numerous other bureaus,…

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The Department of Real Estate And The Naturopathic Medicine Committee – Separated At Birth?

The Little Hoover Commission will be considering the Governor’s Reorganization Plan at hearings next week in Sacramento.  I’m on the agenda to testify.  The Governor is proposing a major reorganization of state consumer and business regulatory agencies.  The plan calls for the creation of a new super-agency to be named the Business & Consumer Services Agency…

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