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Vice Chancellor’s Order Sparks A Wortwechsel In The Blogosphere

Two weeks ago, Vice Chancellor J. Travis Laster denied a proposed stipulated consolidation and scheduling order.  The proposed order directed that the consolidated cases be captioned “In re Astex Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Shareholders Litigation”.  What could be wrong with that?  The cases, after all were class action lawsuits against Astex Pharmaceuticals, Inc. I don’t know why the…

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“‘Tis Well Consented” Vel Non

On July 19, 2010, I discussed action by written consent of the board pursuant to Corporations Code Section 307.  The statute is remarkably silent on some key points.  For example, while the statute clearly requires that consents be in writing (see Sections 8 and 195), the statute does not specifically require that the consents be…

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