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Criminal Conviction Of De Facto Officer Does Not Preclude D&O Coverage

After a two week trial in 2013, a jury convicted Mitchell J. Stein, a lawyer, of mail, wire, and securities fraud based on evidence that he fabricated press releases and purchase orders to inflate the stock price of his client Signalife, Inc., a publicly-traded manufacturer of medical devices.  Mr. Stein received a sentence of 204 months’ imprisonment, over…

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Nevada Secretary of State Cites Three Criminal Convictions As Warning To Crowdfunders

The Nevada Securities Law (Chapter 90 of Nevada Revised Statutes) is administered and enforced by the Securities Division of the Nevada Secretary of State.  Last week, Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller issued this press release warning investors that three separate criminal convictions in Nevada “point to potential trend in illegal crowdfunding”.  According to the press release,…

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