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California Proposes To End Bylaw Amendment Reviews

Credit Unions got their start in Nineteenth Century Germany.  In 1909, Roman Catholic textile workers opened the first credit union in the United States, St. Mary’s Cooperative Credit Association (later, renamed La Caisse Populaire Ste.-Marie).  At first, the credit union operated out of the home of its first president, Joseph Boivin.  Today, that building is the site of America’s Credit Union Museum. …

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Five Gnostic Exemptions From The Qualification Requirements Of The Corporate Securities Law

When looking for exemptions from the qualification requirements of the California Corporate Securities Law of 1968, a good place to start is Chapter 1, Part 2, Division 1 of Title 4 of the Corporations Code.  Cal. Corp. Code § 25100 et seq.  If you don’t find an usable exemption there, another promising place to look is the rules of the Commissioner…

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“Hello, Newman” – E-Mail Bill May Add To Post Office Woes

On Valentine’s Day, the United States Postal Service announced that it had begun its 2011 fiscal year with a loss of $329 million.  In announcing these results, the USPS cited “electronic diversion” as implying “long term structural changes in demand”.   If that is the case, the USPS’ revenue picture won’t be helped if AB 657…

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