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Does ISS’ Voting Recommendations Reflect Analysis Or Consensus?

I always appreciate comments from readers of this blog.  One reader responded to yesterday’s post concerning ISS opposition to classified boards: “You seem to be under the impression that ISS comes up with its guidelines through academic research.  Although that CAN come into play, it is much more directly shaped by the policies of its customers.”…

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Is ISS A Board Declassification Denier?

Institutional Shareholder Services (aka ISS) recently published its 2018 Americas Proxy Voting Guidelines Update.  Among other changes, ISS will now recommend a vote against or withhold from the entire board of directors (except new nominees, who will be considered case-by-case) if the company has opted into, or failed to opt out of, state laws requiring a classified…

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Is Section 141(d) Truly Oxymoronic?

Section 141(d) of the Delaware General Corporation Law provides that the directors of any corporation may “be divided into 1, 2, or 3 classes”.  It’s hard to make sense of this statement.  First, I don’t believe that Delaware legislature meant to provide that individual directors may be cut up into pieces.  A more accurate statement…

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