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The Securities Fraud Device That The Legislature Devised To Omit

Last year, Senator Jerry Hill authored a bill, SB 538, which rewrote Corporations Code Section 25401.  As I posted, the underlying premise was fanciful at best – that California’s statute “has failed to keep up with similar language in federal anti-fraud statutes”.   By metamorphosing Section 25401 from a statute based on Section 12(a)(2) of…

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Die Verwandlung: How The Legislature Likely Raised The Bar On Securities Fraud Actions

With the availability of a private cause of action under SEC Rule 10b-5, is there any reason to include a cause of action under California Corporations Code Sections 25401 and 25501?  Until the most recent legislative session, there were significant differences between the federal rule and the California’s securities laws. California’s scheme has not required…

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