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Happy New Biennium!

“Biennial” is a confusing word.  The Nevada legislature meets biennially, i.e., every other year while the California legislative session is biennial, i.e., lasting two years. “Biennial” should not be confused with “biannual” which normally means twice a year. The California legislature meets annually but the legislative session is biennial.  Last Monday, for example, the California legislature convened for the…

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LLC Contractor Bill Is Held At Desk

On September 3, 2010, I wrote that SB 392 (Florez) had made it to enrollment.  This bill authorizes the State Contractors’ License Board to issue a contractor’s license to a limited liability company.  Normally, a bill is sent to the Governor after enrollment.  Cal. Const. Art. IV, § 10(a) (“Each bill passed by the Legislature shall…

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