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Governor Says No To Bill To Combat “Official” Mailings

Many lawyers have received calls from clients asking about notices that they have received regarding state and local government filings.  Sometimes, these notices warn that corporate minutes must be prepared.  Other notices request information necessary to complete required filings.  These notices appear to be from the government but are actually solicitations by private companies.  Last…

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Victims of Corporate Fraud Fund

In the waning days of the 2001-2002 legislative session, then Assemblymember Kevin Shelley gutted and amended AB 55.  As introduced, AB 55 would have amended the Elections Code.  Instead, AB 55 became the vehicle for the enactment of the deeply flawed California Corporate Disclosure Act. In the ensuing years, most practitioners and their clients have…

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It’s Friday and the DOC and CalPERS are Closed (Again)

On July 30, I reported that “Furlough Fridays” would be returning to most state agencies in August.  Yesterday, Shane Goldmacher wrote in this Los Angeles Times story that efforts by several state employee unions to block furloughs have been unsuccessful so far.   Both the Department of Corporations and the California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS) will be closed on August…

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SOS Changes Document Certifications

Historically, the California Secretary of State has certified copies of filed documents by attaching a separate cover page.  Last week, the Secretary of State announced that effective July 23, 2010 her office would stamp the back of the last page of the instrument being certified in lieu of providing a separate cover page.  The stamp will contain the…

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Bay State Security Breach – Implications for the Golden State

Broc Romanek recently posted an item from Alan Parness concerning a security breakdown at the Massachusetts Securities Division.  Alan raises an excellent question about whether a state agency would be as forgiving of someone that it regulates. Privacy would seem to be a very important issue in California.  In fact, the very first article and…

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