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Straining The Quality Of Mercy? Nevada’s Exculpation Statute

The legislatures of California, Delaware and Nevada have each enacted statutes eliminating or limiting the personal liability of corporate directors for monetary damages.  Cal. Corp. Code § 204(a)(10), Del. Code Ann. tit. 8 § 102(b)(7), and NRS § 78.138(7).  While it might be assumed that these statutes are generally similar, Nevada’s statute differs in two…

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Comparing Books And Records Stockholder Inspection Rights In California, Delaware and Nevada

The right of a stockholder to inspect a corporate books and records was originally a common law right. California, Delaware and Nevada have since codified stockholder inspection rights. However, as summarized by the table below, these rights differ significantly amongst the three states. (This table doesn’t address what may be inspected which is a subject…

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Nevada Business Entity Treatise Released Today!

Nearly two decades ago, I wrote what I believe to be the first treatise on the corporate law of Nevada.   Today, I’m pleased to announce the release of a new treatise, Bishop and Zucker on Nevada Corporations and Limited Liability Companies.  Here is the press release describing the new book.  My hope is that this new book will serve as a useful…

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Section 2115, The Internal Affairs Doctrine And Mandatory Indemnification Of Successful Agents

Last Friday, I wrote in this post about mandatory indemnification of agents pursuant to California Corporations Code § 317(d).  California’s neighbor to the East, Nevada, also requires indemnification of agents in much the same terms as California.  NRS 78.7502(3).  Delaware, however has not mandated by statute the indemnification of agents or employees who are not directors or officers…

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“Out by the Truckee’s Silvery Rills”

To many, October 31 is Halloween but to a few (well, maybe one or two) die-hard traditionalists like me, October 31 is Nevada Day.   As a schoolchild in Nevada, we always looked forward to having the day off from school.  October 31 was the date in 1864 on which Nevada was admitted as this country’s 36th state.  In fact,…

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