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Want A Fairness Hearing But Paying In Cash – No Problem?

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned California Corporations Code Section 1001(d).  That statute imposes a super-majority shareholder approval requirement for sale of assets transactions covered by Section 1001(a) when the acquiring entity is in “control” of or under common control with the corporation disposing of the assets.  The vote required is 90% of the voting power of the disposing corporation.  “Control”…

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When a Sale of Assets is not a “Sale-of-Assets Reorganization”

The California General Corporation Law (CGCL) contemplates three different types of reorganizations – a merger reorganization, an exchange reorganization, and a sale-of-assets reorganization.  Cal. Corp. Code § 181.  Chapter 12 of the CGCL prescribes both board and shareholder approval requirements for reorganizations, including sale-of-asset reorganizations. Readers of the CGCL, however, will note that Corporations Code…

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