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“Can You Do Division? Divide A Loaf By A Knife – What’s The Answer To That?”

In People v. Collins, 68 Cal. 2d 319 (1968), the California Supreme Court wrote that it could “discern no inherent incompatibility between the disciplines of law and mathematics”.  While the Supreme Court may be correct about the relationship between mathematics and law, I’m not so sure about the relationship of lawyers to mathematics. Every quarter,…

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From DFI to CSBS to FSOC

Section 111 of the Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act established the Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC).  In fact, the FSOC had its first meeting on October 1.  Although all of the voting members (with one exception) are members by virtue of their position as federal officials, California did have one seat…

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Don’t Talk Trash About A California Bank

A bank run can start with a rumor.  Once a run has begun, it can be very hard to stop, as was described in this 1986 Los Angeles Times article . The Department of Financial Institutions has observed that some California banks recently have been victimized by rumors.  As a result, the Department issued a…

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